Team building ideas in SEVILLE

Team building ideas in Seville  -The perfect place for any team buidling. Unique history, wonderful all year good climate, an amazing Guadalquivir for water team building, and unique landscape just a few minuts away form Seville.

But why should you do team building?

Because strengthen relationships within the working team makes the company spirit stronger and create good climate within different departments or warms up a business relations between suppliers and buyer.

Team building using adventure sports,getting closer to the countryside  or a nice way to get to know a city or a village,  is one of the cornerstone of many of these programs.

Take a look at the attractive team building activities and outdoor training activities we offer here in Seville  further down this page: 

HISTORICAL team building 

This is a different and enjoyable way to combine team building with visits of cultural places and famous monuments with interactive games where participants have to solve puzzles and tasks realated to the culture, history and characters of different locations.



Learn how to cook typical Spanish food, in teams you prepare a unique menu, shop the necessary ingredients at the local market near by, and of course we will enjoy the unique food we have made together lovely wine afterwards.

 A delightful activity that take out the most creative chef in us.


Team-building exercise which is to design and paint a picture, a new artwork in a group where each member will leave his own mark, leaving a sample result set of people that form (both form individually and globally) Behind this there is a planning approach and a high level of detail. Management, planning, delegation, resource use, communication.........


Team building exercise that is to record a sequence of a movie, bringing into play a number of factors that not only ensure an unforgettable day, but also an experience that will strengthen the bonds of the staff and lay the basis for an improvement in the results of their common effort to promote this activity as teamwork and communication and creativity. 


This activity forms part of an interesting and original program in which you will enjoy an exciting day of sailing in canoes and construction of rafts made by yourself.

During this activity you will enjoy different games in a lakes or rivers.  A fun and challenging teambuilding.


Equipped with our camera and road book we find the most picturesque corners and hidden parts of any Spanish city taking photos of interesting monuments and particular sites making an unforgettable memory of a singular day.


Seville is the perfect place for this activity in a river Guadalquivir or in  lakes in the surroundings of Seville. The participants will enjoy an exciting day of sailing in kayak.
During this activity you will enjoy different games and tasks. The Kayaks are selfemptying and are self‐flooding.
The boats and the activity will be supervised by specialized instructors.
All the participants will receive a briefing before the start of the activity.

car adventure 

In one of our fincas out side of Seville we have speed and skill course for quads,  4x4 and other types of vehicules and with  a  highest level of professional technical and extensive knowledge of the zone you have  the nature around you  while enjoying an exciting adventure. Different itineraries according to the purpose, with a pat book over the area. where the ability skills will be put on a test.

american track

Outdoor Training combined with activities and teamwork. Breath fresh air and feel in your veins the most authentic adventure.

Adventure Path, Archery, survival Orientation, blow gun adventure, Darts giants, Quoits, Bugs........

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This is just some of the places where we  can help you with your teambulding activities.

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