tapas tour in spain

Join us for a historical walking or biking Tapas tour in Spain. In any of the fantastic cities of Spain. We offer local tapas, the specialities  from each district,   together  with a stroll or a bike toru in the interesting  old towns.

Even though Andalucia gave birth to the Tapas traditions, nowadays in all the Spanish region you may find a Tapas bar in the old town or in the city center.

Why not experience your own guided Tapas tour in Spain. Here you will not only taste excellent tapas in small cozy tapas bars but you will also be guided by a person living in the city which would know more about local tapas traditions and where the best tapas bars are.

tapas tour in seville

Our unique tapas tour in Seville offers you a walk in the amacing city center  of Seville and you visit up to three different tapas bars both modern and trditional ones guided by a local English speaking guide. Optional visit to local fresh food market available.

tapas tour in madrid

On our tapas tour in Madrid, you're strolling on foot and we become more familiar with Madrid's attractive culture. You stops at some local tapas bares and tasting exciting tapas dishes while getting to know the heart of Madrid's city center and its exciting slots and hooks. You flavors  8 tapas and 3 drinks.


The tapas in Barcelona is normally called Pintxos. an during out Tapas tour in Barcelona we visit 3 different pintxos bars awhere we taste 6 pintxos and 3 drinks together with our English spinking local guide who takes around the the gothic quarter in Barcelona.

guided tapas bike tour in alicante

Alicante bike tapas tour

Our tapas bike tour makes you discover Alicante through words and flavors. Your  tour includes five tapas and five drinks and a guided city bike tour.  Your English speaking guide will show you the variety of foods and its gastronomic interest in the local diet. The Tapas Bike Tour is a nice and original way to enjoy  Alicante also  by night.

market and tapas tour in malaga

Malaga tapas tour

Our tapas tour in Malaga includes also a visit to the local fresh food market. Your English speaking guide will  guide you through  all the most important sites of Malaga. During the tour you  will visit 4 of our favourite tapas bars where you can taste 2 tapas and 1 drink on each.

As a professional legalized event company  in Spain we are happy to organize unique private Tapas tours in Spain for you. We can also offer hotel accommodation, other exclusive tours, interesting excursions, activities, private luxury transfers and all other services you enquire.

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