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Spain Traditions in Seville..................

I think you can say that Seville is the city in Spain that best reflects the Spanish traditions.

Do you want to know in what why?

Take a look at the following activites and events that you can find in Seville and you will know the reason.


seville april fair 

The most important fiesta in Seville, a week full of joy. The Sevillian dresses up in their best flamenco dresses and celebrate the start of the Spring. The beautiful horse parades with horse carriages and men on horse in the morning, makes a special atmosphere. Sing and dance and good food that is what it is all about.

holy week in seville

Holy week in Seville is a matter of tradition, and faith. The devotion to the virgin and the brotherhood’s preparations during a whole year for their procession to go into the Sevillian streets is the highlight for many Sevillians this week. Take part of this unique atmosphere in the city of Seville.

el rocio pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage starts from all over the Spanish country, on horse, with horse carriages, on tractors, on foot. The food and drinks, the singing group makes the Pilgrimage route to the village El Rocio something unique and truly memorable.

Between Pine woods and Sand dunes of the Doñana National park you find this pilgrimage village El Rocio and its devoted Madonna.


hores show in seville

Only 10 minutes from Seville city center you find a beautiful country house with its own bull ring and horse breeding facilities. Today we have the opportunity to see a unique horse show of Spanish horse dressage and to make a visit to the facilities.

Only for group reservations

royal school of equestrian art 

This is a unique place for the horse lover as well as for those appreciating the equestrian art. Here young horse riders are studying and training to become professional riders and to learn the dressage of the Spanish horse. Their daily work can be seen as a extraordinary show 2 – 3 days a week, or you can visit their training sessions. The Royal horse school’s facilities are unique and offers a horse carriage museum, Ecuestrian art museum and is hold in one of the most impressive buildings in all Jerez. Also available to rent for private Events.

yeguada de la cartuja

At” Fuente del Suero” estate, tradition and progress live together in harmony, keeping and improving the singular biological standpoints of the Spanish Carthusian horses belonging to the “ Yegada de la Cartuja” – Hierro del Bocado”. In the open – air and historic grounds of river Guadalete’s valley, you will find this extraordinary horse stock. You will see the horses exhibit their fitness and manners. where all the beauty and energy of their character show at its best.


bravo bull farm visit

This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Andalucia's and Spain's strong and popular bull breeding history and traditions. You are invited to visit an authentic farm, drive among the bull in an open tractor and see the best equippents for the bullfight. Visit the farms own bull museum guided by the farms own men. All this in a unique setting on Sevilles countryside.


flamenco dance museum

A visit to the flamenco dance museum is the key to access the magic world of flamenco dancing. It should not be missed by those who want to learn more about Andalusian culture and who want to understand and experience flamenco dancing. The museum is promoted by Cristina Hoyos, one of Spain’s most famous flamenco dancers. The multi-media flamenco museum offers you the a tours throught the development of the flamenco dances history.

flamenco dance lessons

Do you fancy learning flamenco dance? In Seville you have several options for private lessons on how to learn this dance so full of power and passion. You can go for just a one day private lessons as a part of a teambuilding activity or make a flamenco dance lesson part of a longer stay in Seville. Whether you chose on or the other you will experience sensational emotions.

flamenco show 

Tablao el Arenal are definitively my favorite among all the flamenco shows in Seville. It is a small and very genuine establishment. Their show is full of color and temperament and make it a thrilling evening. They offer 2 shows daily and you can chose with or without dinner.

Looking for more information about this flamenco porformance? Clic on our flamenco enquiry form and tell us how we can help you.


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