The beauty of this island has no end.  a visit to this amacing pearl in the Mediteranean sea, marks you  forever.

We have the pleasure to offer different kind of tours to see the most fantastic places and monuments that tell you  more about this undiscribable location. Many of these tours can be made in combination with other anr separatly.     Ask us for the best choices...


The  beauty of a city full of charme and narrow strees  with  medieval buildings. The fantastic bay with fasionable yate port and exciting monuments. Castillo de Bellver (circular castle which overlooks the Bay of Palma). Visit Palma's magnificent cathedral and stroll through the historic center of the city, to see some of the features of the old mansions Patios in the city. Half-day excursion. You can also choose to visit the Almudaina Palace (palace of the kings of Mallorca) among other interesting monuments.


A visit to the beautiful and peaceful village of Valldemossa, which is one of the most photographed locations in Mallorca. The village has picturesque tree-lined streets, old stone houses and plush new villas all together in harmony. You can visit the Carthusian Monastery, where composer Frederic Chopin and his lover George Sand spent their ‘winter of discontent’ back in the year 1838. The rooms they occupied are now a museum and where you will find some original manuscripts and a draft of Sand´s famous book “a winter in majorca”.


Here the faithful will rediscovery the distinctive identity of the local Church, whilst non-believers can find the origins of the Mallorcan people, because Lluc is more than a sanctuary, it is a secular national symbol. For visitors from overseas we offer an alternative to the typical days on the beach. This is an unexpected oasis of tranquility, of spirituality, of artistic heritage (the Museum), of unspoilt countryside (the Tramuntana mountains and the Botanic Garden.


The excursion to the Caves of Drach and Porto Cristo is an excellent opportunity to visit the most famous caves of Majorca and some of the most visited in Europe. The boat trip on Lake Martel is included, together with a visit to the pretty harbor town of Porto Cristo and the pearl factory, making this a unique experience and one to remember all your life.


Puerto de Soller is among the most attractive tours if you are travelling around on Mallorca. Located in the middle of the escenaric  landscape of the Tramontana mountain. The unique bay and port of Soller is attractive.If you do not want to go by bus, you always have the posibility tp take take a local  train from Palma going through the undiscribable landscape to the town of Soller and a small old  tram takes you to the bay of Soller itself. 


Cap de Formentor is a spectacular place, located on the northern most point of Majorca. The two roads to the end of the  cliff, are nestled together in the mountains like abandoned silk ribbons. We visit  its lookout points with spectacular views. The most well-known is Mirador del Mal Pas,  where the view of the cliffs below causes even the most fearless to feel weak in the knees. 

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