Seville offers you a different kind of tourism full of experiences, where you are learning and discovering at the same time.

Industrial tourism is a journey into the depths of mental acquisitiveness. Thousands of factories and museums all around the globe open their doors to visitors eager to meet the experts and learn about the techniques that make possible the products that surround us. Products from the past and present, from the most mundane to the most advanced.

Industrial tourism is identified with the cultural roots of its territory, the age-old savoir-faire of our ancestors, an economic and productive legacy that has shaped our identity and brings the visitor closer to our origins and history. Visitors can determine the essence of a people through the observation of traditional industrial technologies and handcrafting processes, and at the same time take pleasure in a unique experience.

Seville has huge industrial wealth which yields products renowned world-wide for their quality, ranging from the most traditional, such as the artisanal production of olive oil, wines and spirits, leather goods, ceramics or food products of all types, to the most modern solar energy plants, the vigorous aviation industry or modern manufacturing facilities equipped with the most advanced digital production systems.

Seville, best know for its food and flamenco culture, hides unique hand craft treasures and innovating  and upcoming business. In hidden corners in Seville you can still find Traditional Guitar makers and in the Triana district amazing and beautiful ceramic and tiels has been made for centuries.   Just next to Seville airport the EADS-CASA Military Aircraft marked is one of four assembly lines for the Eurofighter and in the suthern part of Seville province you find the is the first commercial-scale plant in the world to apply central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology.

We offer  visits to  traditional as well as innovating industries where you can learn more about pacionate, traditional proffesions  and new and innovating industries and businesses. Our professional guides will introduce you to the world of  each industry offering a better comprehension and understanding of Seville and the history and future of Spain.

We have extensive experience organizing a wide range of industrial visits in Seville and its surroundings.


The arquitecture in Seville has been develloped over many centuries, and is one of Seville's  unique treasures.   We offer attractive visit with local architects guiding you through the amazing architecture in Seville, we can put  emphasis on different suject  " how old buildings have been given new life and forming part of the modern and urban life.". Consentrate a visit the different historical arquitecture periodes. Religious or urban architecture.

Tell us about your inquieres and we organize your visit.

art craft in SEVILLE

The Sevillian area represents many of the Spanish culture and traditions. In  Seville you can find fantastic handcrafts and art craft industries. The Triana district in Seville has always offered an amacing productions of tradtional ceramics and tiles.

The guitar music is an important tradition related to the flamenco music, and we offer visits to proffesional guitar makers, 

Also the beautiful "Mantilla" (the lace or silk scarf ) is a exciting tradition and still there are proffesionals making them by hand. 

culture and tradition

The Sevillian area represents many of the Spanish culture and traditions. In the region around Seville you can find fantastic  Fincas and Haciendas to visit, some of them used as a  bull breeding farms. In beautiful landscape, this polemic industry  can learn you more about  one of  Spain's traditions, the bull fight and the breed of the Brava bull.

Here you can learn about the care the love for these bull and their bull life before the are brought to the bullring.

If you are interested to learn about the Spanish bull breeding we can help you.

food and wine industry

In Seville and its surroundings you have fantastic gastronomy traditions, and food indistries. On the delta the Guadalquivir river you find an important rice production. In Jerez de la Frontera is the world known sherry wine production. In the Aracena mountain the weather conditions makes the perfect conditions for the Spanish ham poroductions.  An only 30 km from Sevilla you can find a proffesional and exclusive olive oil producction.

We help you organizing proffesional as well as  leisure visits to any of this gastronomical sectors in the region.

hospital visits

Within the health sector we offer an exciting opportunity to take advantage of our  excellent connections with public hospitals as well as as private clinics that provide a rich professional exchanges.

Learn more about the Spanish well developed sosial health system and  have the oppertunity to exchange knowledge with other proffesionals.

Contact us and we help you with the organization of your  hospital visit.

solar energy

In Seville you can find the first  commercial-scale plant in the world to apply central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology. An innovating technology making it possible to explore new and novation science.

Are you a company within the Sun energy busniness.  We help you with the organisation of a visit to this fabric, transportation, accommodation in Seville.

military industry 

In Seville you find one of four assembly lines for the Eurofighter miitary aircraft. But also the construction of other military aircrafts.

If you have interest in making a visit to the EADS-CASA production center please let us know and we make the arangements  needed.

what we can do for you

  • Research, planning and execution of the study tour
  • Preparation of the tour and  contact with  local profesionals
  • Booking of transportation , hotel , meeting rooms , meals
  • Travel and meeting arrangements
  • Academical team -building  and group activities 
  • Other advice relating to the study trips

We combine our trips with cultural as well as gastronomic activities so you get the maximum out of your trip.

We have many years of experience in industrial tourism visits  for proffesionals, students or others groups with special interests.

We offer good rates and conditions , and the necessary confidence in the termination of the journey, you are in good hands when you travel with us.

Contact us if you are planning a corporate study  trips to Spain  or  you want to know more about which Study trips we can offer you.

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