Health Wellness Spa holiday
in Spain

Health wellness spa holiday..................

We belive that  wellness and spa treatments are an important part of our well-being. And that it is absolutly necessary in today's hustle and bustle.  

Therefore we are very proud offering a complete and satifactory Helth Spa and Wellness holidays program for groupsand individuals.

Therefore, we consider our programs and  proposals a great help  in order to find the tranquility and peace under the Spanish sun for an energy source and a renewal process from daily life

Spain  offers a wide selection of unique Spa resorts as well as Balneario hotels by the sea, in the mountains and even in the big cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. All with  elegant installations with exquisite treatments for body and soul.  

We have excellent knowledge  of the different options of treatment including spa, wellness treatment as well as yoga or pilates in each resorts. 

We offer  inspiring program and activities for groups giving you support to find the suitable  hotel and facilies in the different parts of Spain. In Andalucia, Mallorca, Cataluya Rioja .......... in excellent  combination with gastronomic events and Spanish culture. 

Are you travelling with your family or friends and just want to form part of a wellness comunity we help you to find the hotel that offer the  best options for organized yoga, pilates classes and individual wellness and spa treatment during your stay.

But we can also put up a complete program for groups who want relaxation and activities with local instructors at the exquisite spa or wellness resorts along the Mediterranean coast or in some of the inland regions of Spain.

The possibilities are endless and we want to focus on flexibility to satisfy each groups specific needs and quieries. 

Contact us if you are planning a spa or welness tour to Spain. We are always there for you.

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