PRIVATE Cooking lessons in seville 


Seville is the perfect place for a cooking lesson. All the best ingredience to find at the local fresh food market. Unique enviroment in a local restaurant, at a top floor in the city senter, in the fresh food market or in a hotel school. 

Seville gave birth and are still  the home of the Tapas, Iberian ham in the mountain of Aracena not far from Seville, only a short drive from the sherry district Jerez de la frontera.

In Seville you eat marvelous dishes so why not lear to prepare them.  Gazpacho, Tortilla, Paella.......

Join us for your private cooking lessons.

cooking lesson in a restaurant

At Seville's well known Restaurant and Hotel school you can make cooking courses from one to three days. The perfect way to combine Spanish culture and history together with gastronomic experience. You can choose form different cooking course like,Tapas cooking, Rice dishes, the world of chocolate etc.. After the cooking lesson enjoy the dishes you have prepared yourself.

For groups more then 10 persons

private cooking lession

Just in middle of the heart of Seville in a local home converted into a unique kitchen we will make basic dishes from the Spanish cuisin. bus first we stroll to the local fresh food marked for the ingredients, before we start. You will cook all the food yourself of course supervised by our chef. After the"hard work" we will enjoy a wonderful lunch with tasty Spanish wine.

A perfect combination together with a cooking lesson could be a fresh food market visit, where you see and buy the most important ingredience  to the dishes you will cook, or a oilve oil tasting.  Spain is the biggest olive oil producer in the world and where you can learn more about the different qualities and flavours. Or maybe a original cheese tasting, where you flavour som of the different cheeses beeing produced in this region.

fresh food market

cheese tasting 

oilve oil tasting 


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