Travel to Spain is easy. A broad network of Spanish airports offers modern and a total of 47 efficient airports throughout all the Spanish territory.

Aena is the name of the Airport administration company in Spain and on their web sites you can find all the necessary information about arrivals, departure and also information about services such as parking, airline companies and other facilities in each airport.

Under you can find an airport map which makes it easier for you to find the airport closest to your desired Spain destination.

The number of low cost airline companies has increased in the past decades which makes it cheaper to travel to Spain. This makes traveling to Spain more attractive and has also opened for new Spanish destinations.

Are you looking for any particular airlines companies, specific destination in Spain or FROM where you can fly to Spain, you can use the fly tools under introducing your departure destination and choose the destination in Spain where you want to go.


It could be wise to book an airport transfer when arriving to Spain. A service that avoids all the hassle at a crowded airport with rental cars, taxis etc... It brings you smoothly and directly to your holiday home.

Find different shuttle services at Spanish aiports here

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