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Situated deep in the Andalusian autonomous region, Cordoba is a compendium of history and modernity. The city of Cordoba, the ancient city has been declared World Heritage site by UNESCO. To stroll through its historic quarter is discovering a beautiful network of small streets, alleys, squares and whitewashed courtyards arranged around the mosque-cathedral.

Cordoba Spain airport is located six kilometers from the city and operates charter flights during high season, especially in summer. The closest airports besides this one are Madrid, Seville, Jerez, Malaga and Granada, all these no more than about two hours away. The AVE high speed train connects the city with Madrid in one hour 45 minutes, with Malaga in one hour and with Seville in 40 minutes. By road, the A-4 Andalucia motorway runs to Madrid and Seville. Finally, the A-45 road runs between Cordoba and Malaga. 


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The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate with very sharp contrasts between the hot summers and the cool winters.  Find information about Spanish Climate 

The cuisine of the province is characterized by the high quality of its products. A good example of this is that many of them belong to various “denomination of origin” as the olive oils, wines and ham. Game meat is very frequently found on the Cordoba menus thanks to the widespread hunting. However there are three dishes that are the distinguishing marks of this land; salmorejo, oxtail stew and flamenquin. All with clear tastes and smells of Arab influence.


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Cordoba is a living legacy of the diverse cultures that settled in it throughout history. Very few places in the world can boast of having been the capital of Hispania Ulterior under the Roman Empire, and the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate. Such splendor is palpable in the intellectual wealth of this centre of wisdom and knowledge, which is reflected by the importance of the city during medieval times and shows that the mosque-cathedral is a real symbol of the capital.


The accommodation offered in Cordoba Spain is based basically in the city of Cordoba and its surroundings with 3* and 4* hotel accommodations. In the rest of the province of Cordoba you may find rural hotels and other accommodations.

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