Barcelona weather

The Barcelona weather offers a Mediterranean climate with drought summers and rain dispersed the rest of the year, but concentrated in a few days of very intense rainfall, the phenomenon known as cold drop, which can leave rainfall of 80 to 100 liters per square meter in just a couple of hours. Snowfall is practically nonexistent.

Temperatures are warm in summer and mild in winter, with little daily thermal oscillation. The maximum temperature recorded in the city was 39.3 ° C, 16 on August 27, 2010 in the center of the city and 39.8 ° C [citation needed] in the Fabra Observatory, situated on the Tibidabo, 5 July 1982. The minimum recorded temperature is -10 ° C in the Fabra Observatory, on February 11, 1956. The city's temperatures are always kept a few degrees above the average temperature.

Almost never frosts in the city, rarely below 0 ° C in the center, however, in nearby towns or in the mountain of Tibidabo frosts are more frequent. Snow is also a very rare phenomenon in the city. However, almost every year the snow gets to Tibidabo because there is more likely to fall due to its altitude (512 meters), and the city almost every year are also a few flakes, but the fact that fruit set is very unusual.


MAX.DAY TEMP.ºC 13.4 14.6 15.9 17.6 20.5 24.2 27.5 28.0 25.5 21.5 17.0 14.3
MIN. DAY TEMP.ºC 4.4 5.3 6.7 8.5 12.0 15.7 18.6 19.3 16.7 12.6 8.1 5.7

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